Azadi Tower ( tehran )


Azadi Tower :

Azadi Tower is in the capital of Iran,Tehran.
Before the Islamic Revolution of Iran, it was known as the Shahyad Tower And after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the name of the tower has changed to the Azadi Tower
It is one of the landmarks of Tehran that most of the Iranian people have seen it closely.
In 1966, a contest was held among the Iranian architects to design a symbol
At the end, the architect Hossein Amanat’s plan won the competition and his design was chosen to construction.
The construction of the tower began on November the 2nd , 1969 And in 1971, it came into operation by the name of the Shahyad Tower.
The opening ceremony was started with the presence of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and his wife, Shahbano Pahlavi, on the occasion of the Persian imperial commemoration (Cyrus the Great, Achaemenid kingdom).
Hossein Amanat, the architect of the tower, said that the designs of the square which form gardens and flowers, are based on the dome design of Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Isfahan.
In the construction of the Azadi Tower, 46000 stone pieces had been used
The height of the Azadi Tower is 45 meters Because the tower was located near the Mehrabad airport ,so it could not be made louder than that hieght
The architect intended that people raise their heads unconsciously when approach to the tower
the main vault of the tower is a symbol of the Taq-e Kesra that belongs to the Sassanian and pre_Islamic periods, Its upper vult is a segmental arch.
The tower has two elevators that run from its walls The first elevator reaches the second floor and the cement roof, then the second elevotor is used.
None of the ceilings are closed and they all come to a higher level.
One of the famous hall for holding a concert in the capital of Iran was the Hall of Azadi Tower
That located on the basement floor of this construction.
on the underground floor, there are a variety of cultural workshops, several amphitheaters,a gallery, a library, a museum,ect.
It has an area of 50000 square meters The Azadi Tower was registered in Iran’s National Heritage on March 17th,1975 under the registration number of 1008.

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