Nasir ol-molk Mosque ( shiraz )


Nasir ol-molk Mosque :

Nasir ol mulk Mosque is a traditional mosque in Shiraz, and located in near Shah Cheragh Mosque.
The tiles designers of Nasir ol mulk Mosque were Mohammad Hasan Nagash Shirazi and Mohammad Reza Kashipaz Shirazi.
This mosque was built on the orders of Mirza Hassan Ali, named Nasir al-Mulki, one of the famous people in Qajar era.
The architecture of this building was Mohammad Hassan Memar and it was constructed during 12 years from 1876 to 1888.
This mosque has two bedchambers , Eastern bedchamber , Western bedchamber
In the Eastern bedchamber , there is a winter bedchamber to the Qiblah and it was used in very hot weather.
The Western bedchamber is a summer bedchamber that was used in the very cold weather
Behind the bedchamber, there is a door that opens to a large well that was called Gav Chah (Cow Well)
The western bedchamber is one of the most beautiful bedchambers in Iranian mosques.
Which has the decorative tiles, bricks with paintings of roses
This bedchamber is located on stone columns with spiral design on it ,in 2 rows of 6 , and total number of 12 that are symbol of 12 Imams.
This bedchamber has 7 wooden doors with colorful glass
Nasir ol Mulk mosque has 2 north and south porches which are not similar.
The northern porch has three half arches on three sides; it is connected to the sahn from the fourth side.
It has 4 pavilions and its central ceiling is adorned with muqarnas and cupolas (5 cupolas).
in the northern part of Nasir-al-Mulk Mosque there is an arch called the Pearl Arch. Its ceiling and roof were decorated by colorful tiles and paintings.
On the southern porch, there are two minarets and a courtyard with a rectangular pond.
In 1979, it was registered on the List of National Monuments under the registration No. 396 by Society for the National Heritage of Iran and Iranian Archaeological Society.

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