Tabiat Bridge ( Tehran )

Tabiat Bridge :

The Tabiat Bridge “Nature Bridge” is composed of 3 flat footpath, that no car ( vehicle ) can pass through it. this bridge is located in abbasabad and it is symbol of tehran It is located above of Modarres high way. At the east is Talaghani Park and on the other side from west is Ab-o-Atash ( Water and Fire ) Park. There are beautiful cultural , sport and tourism centers on this bridge like as restaurants and shapoor coffee shop The Architect and Designer of the above memtioned bridge is Leila Araghian. This bridge is designed on 2010 under the supervision of Abbas Abad modernization company and it was inauyurated on 2014. for your kind information, before desiging of this bridge, at 1st the draughtsmanship competition was held in order to select the best design. The most important charachteristic of this bridge was “attention to the environment” and also the location of it. Finally Leila Araghian’s design had been approved and euecuted.

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