Borujerdi House ( Kashan )


Borujerdi House :

Borujerdi house is in the city of Kashan.
This building was built in Sultan Mirahmadm neighborhood during Qajar period
This house with beautiful crescent red windcatchers on the hall and a kiosk on it is one of the most beautiful Iranian architectural effects.
As in the inscription on its four sides was explained that
Valuable paintings and stuccoings of this house were performed under the supervision of Sani ol Molk, the great painter of Iran and Kamal ol Molk uncle.
The owner of this house, Haj Seyyed Mehdi Natanzi, was a merchant from Natanz but the resident of Kashan, and its architect was Ostad Ali Maryam Kashani.
He was famous as Boroujerdi for his many trips to Boroujerd
He fell in love with the daughter of Seyyed Ja’far Tabatabai who was one of the famous carpet merchants of that time, and Tabatabai also set a condition for their marriage.
He lived in a very beautiful house, that is known as the Tabatabai house now And he said to Sayyid Mehdi that you should build a house like my own house in order to accept your marriage proposal
Sayyid Mehdi also accepted the condition. After 7 years , building the inner courtyard was completed, so he started to live in his home and after 11 years , construction of the main hall was also finished.
The Boroujerdi House is currently the cultural center of Kashan’s cultural heritage and is registered in the list of Iranian National Monuments.
The historic Boroujerdi house in Kashan was announced as UNESCO top choice in 2015 and 2016 in terms of popularity of tourist attractions.

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