Tomb of Baba Tahir ( Hamadan )


Tomb of Baba Tahir :

The tomb of Baba Tahir is located in the northwestern hill of Hamedan
He was one of the great poets and mystics in his time. Baba Tahir lived most of his life in poverty.
The significant and Literary works of Baba Tahir 1- (Do-baytis)couplets (Majmooe kalamat Ghesar Arabi ,the collection of brife-Arabic statements (Murafa (Cognition) – Zekr (Rosary) – Ebadat (Worship) – and Vajd (Ecstasy) Mohbat (Affection)) And another one is a book with the name of  ‘Saranjam ‘ that includes 420 notes in 150 chapters.
A brick octagonal tower was built on the grave of Baba Tahir, which has been destroyed by passage of time.
During the first Pahlavi period, the municipality of Hamedan was constructing a new building, but remained incomplete in 1949.
And in 1966, a new design was introduced by Two engineers ,Seyhoun and Foroughi.
The construction of this tomb began in 1967 and finished three years later.
The ceiling of the tomb is decorated with tiles and mosaic. On the turquoise tiles, the verses of the holy Quran is written in the high relief Kufic.
The mason and the floor of Baba Tahir’s tomb building are made of stone, and his 24 couplets (Do-baytis) are written and installed on 24 pieces of marble in the building.
Two brass plaques are installed on the internal court that one of them bears a list of the founders board of the National Monuments and the another one includes the names of the prominent people buried alongside Baba Tahir .
The Baba Tahir’s tomb was registered as one of Iranian National Monuments by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran in May 11, 1997 under the Registration No. 1870.

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